The Amos Family Story

I'm Anthony Amos and I Created Pet Lovers Coffee Company To

Help Save 1 Million Dogs Lives

Part of every purchase goes to animal shelters across the country to help save dogs and cats lives!


The Amos family didn't leave their home in Australia to dillydally around the United States.   

The mission is bold: drive their mobile billboard to every state and hold events in over 150 cities. Along the way they'll wash 25,000 dogs, many of whom are currently stuck in animal shelters. These puppy makeovers lead to real adoptions, and the audience gets to experience these emotional connections every episode. These Aussies will do whatever it takes to find a Furever Home for dogs in need. 


KIND. COMPASSIONATE. INTELLIGENT. OUTGOING. CLOSE. They might be from Australia, but it hasn't taken long for America to fall in love with the Amos family- for good reason, too.  They are a truly tight-knit family who will be working as a team to rescue as many shelter dogs as possible. Through hard work and determination, the Amos family is creating a tidal wave that is hitting big cities and small towns all over America to promote animal adoption.   

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Anthony's professional life started out on the pitch, playing rugby professionally in Australia. He's now a serial entrepreneur, author, professional keynote speaker, and partnership expert. After building a multi-million dollar brand in Australia, Anthony has been using his business savvy background to build a highly successful grassroots following in the US. 

On the road, Anthony wears many hats. Primarily, he's the outspoken face at the adoption events. But chauffeur, salesman and "King of Dad Jokes" should all be on his business card.  At the end of the day, there isn't anything Anthony won't do for his family, or the cause.  







Rachel’s career is rooted in finance and she served as the Financial Controller for an international law firm. She is no stranger to building and promoting a brand, having created and sold her own maternity clothing company. 

On this adventure, Rachel not only oversees the finances and logistics of setting up adoption events, se also acts as head chef for the family. Life on the road provides unique challenges for a mother trying to create healthy meals for her family, but Rachel has mastered it. Thai is her specialty!





At 14, Isabella is the oldest sibling. To listen to her speak, it'd be easy to label her an old soul. Deep down she's an adventurous teen who loves exploring "small town America." Isabella follows closely in her mom's foot steps. She is responsible for greeting customers and keeping track of the money at events.  

Life in an RV can be tough for a teenage girl. She shares a bunk bed with her sister, and privacy is virtually non existent.  For Isabella, these sacrifices have been worth it to "get to know her family in deeper, more meaningful ways."








Anthony lovingly refers to Austin as his "champion son." At 13 years old, Austin is a chip off his old man's shoulder, having already started his own skateboarding company.  Austin is also in charge of connecting the water, sewage, and electricity. When that's done, he is off to the nearest skate park. 

The comic relief often generates with Austin. He has been known to start prank wars with his sisters, and challenge his dad to chili pepper eating competitions. Recently, Austin has enjoyed helping the family keep their goal of getting into shape by selecting fresh fruits and vegetables for smoothies and juices. 






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Aria may be the baby of the bunch, but her heart's as big as anyone in the family.  Not being with her friends has been hard on Aria, but helping animals in need is worth the sacrifice. Along with Austin, she is responsible for actually washing the stray dogs, and still gets a kick every time one of them is adopted.

At 12 years old, she is a self proclaimed "big city girl", who loves skateboarding nearly as much as her brother. What's life in the RV like for her? “Every single day there is something that goes wrong, or something dramatic.  So there is definitely a lot of crazy things.”






Bubbles is a mobile dog grooming facility that the Amos family tows wherever they go. On a whim, they can pull over in any town or city and begin to welcome dogs in for a shampoo.  The Amos family has been known to wash the pets of homeless people they meet during their travels, or use Bubbles as a way to fundraise for local ASPCA chapters. 


Hannibal Missouri Bathe to Save event